Journals’ special issues guest editing 

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Arar, K., Ӧrücü, D., & Waite, D. (2020) Understanding leadership for refugee education: introduction to the special issue, International Journal of Leadership in Education, 23(1), 1-6.  Link to the special issue:

Arar, K., Kondakci, Y., & Streitwieser, B. (2020). Higher Education for “Atypical” International Students: Displaced and Refugee Students, Higher Education Policy, DOI 0952-8733/20.  Link to the special issue:

Arar, K., Kondakci, Y., & Taysum, A. (2019).  The imposition of government education policy initiatives and school enactment: uncovering the responses of school principals, Journal of Educational Administration and History, 51(4), 295-300. Link to the special issue:

Oplatka, I., Arar, K., & Hargreaves (2018). Emotion in educational leadership and management. A. Journal of Professional Capital & Community, Issue 3(3), 2018, ,  Link to the special issue: