Neoliberalism And Education Systems In Conflict: Exploring Challenges Across The Globe
Author: Arar, K., Orucu, D., & Wilkinson, J. Publisher: Routledge Publish: 2020 Country: UK, London Language: English Order this book

Neoliberalism and Education Systems in Conflict: Exploring Challenges Across the Globe explores how neoliberal values are imprinted onto educational spaces and practices, and by consequence, fundamentally reshape how we come to understand the educational experience at the school or system-level. Countries across the globe struggle with the residual effects of increased accountability, choice/voucher systems, and privatization. The first section of the book discusses the direct imprint of neoliberal policies on educational spaces. The next section examines the more indirect outcomes of neoliberalism, including the challenges of inequity, access, violence, racism and social justice issues as a result of neoliberal ideologies. Each section of the book includes case studies about education systems across the globe, including Britain, Middle East, Turkey, United States, China, and Chile written by international contributors. Neoliberalism and Education Systems in Conflict is essential reading for educators, scholars and faculty of educational leadership and policy globally.

Forwarded by: Prof. Bob Lingard