Migrants, Refugees And Global Challenges In Higher Education
Author: Arar, K., Kussai-Hej-Yehia; Roose, D., & Kondakci, Y. Publisher: Peter Lang Publishing Publish: 2019 Country: USA, New York Language: English Order this book

Higher Education Challenges for Migrant and Refugee Students in a Global World informs readers of theory, policy and practice of refugee and migrant equitable access to higher education, especially indicating how policy makers, educational leaders and practitioners can support refugees, asylum seekers, and other migrants’ inclusion in higher education institutions in the global world. The chapters composing each section of this book constitute a compilation of research addressing experience relating to the overwhelming flow of refugee and asylum seekers in various higher education systems. There are 41 contributors located in 12 countries (Austria, Canada, Czechia, Germany, Holland, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Palestine, Turkey and the United States) who deal with the topics of refugees and immigrants in higher education in different world regions, including Africa, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

  • Forwarded by: Prof. Hans de Wit – Boston College of Education, USA
  • Endorsed by: Prof. Michael Apple – University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
  • Prof. Rachel Brooks – University of Surrey, UK
  • Prof. Johanna Waters – Oxford University
  • Prof. Hasan Simsek – Istanbul Kultur University, Turkey