Higher Education and the Palestinian minority in Israel
Author: Arar, K., & Haj-Yehia, K. Publisher: Paglrave Macmilan Publish: 2016 Country: USA, New York Language: English Order this book

Higher Education and the Palestinian Minority in Israel examines perceptions concerning the characteristics of higher education acquisition in the indigenous Palestinian Arab minority in Israel. Arar and Haj-Yehia show that Palestinian Arabs in Israel clearly understand the benefit of an academic degree as a lever for social status and integration within the state of Israel. The authors discuss difficulties met by Palestinian high school graduates when they attempt to enter Israel’s higher education institutes, and the alternative phenomenon of studying abroad. The cultural difference between Palestinian traditional communities and ‘Western’ Israeli campuses exposes Arab students to a mix of ethnicities and nationalities, which proves to be a difficult, transformative experience. The book analyzes patterns of higher education acquisition among the indigenous Palestinian minority, describing the disciplines they choose, the challenges they encounter, particularly for Palestinian women students, and explore the implications for the Palestinian minority and Israeli society.

Endorsed by the following prominent scholars:

  • Prof. Jeroen Huisman, Editor of Higher Education Policy, Ghent University
  • Prof. Rachel Brooks, Professor and Head of Sociology, University of Surrey, UK, Editor of British Journal of Sociology of Education
  • Prof. Mahsood Shah, Professor of Higher Education, The University of Newcastle Australia and editor, International Studies in Widening Participation