Handbook On Promoting Social Justice In Education
Author: Papa, R. (Section Editor: Arar, K) Publisher: Cham: Springer Publish: 2020 Country: Language: English

The Handbook on Promoting Social Justice in Education explores social justice elements across the global human continuum in the field of education and offers the skills and ways of thinking to achieve a more equitable, caring and fair world. Education is not the sole or even the primary answer to social justice as this would assume educators have control over the complexity of one’s nation/states and multi or transnational organizations, and especially the diversity by context of family life. What education does offer are the skills and ways of thinking to achieve a more equitable, caring, and fair world in pursuit of achieving the ends of social justice. The handbook will look at three major themes―Political Inequality, Educational Economic Inequality, and Cultural Inequality.

Editorial Board

  • Khalid Arar
  • Kadir Beycioglu
  • Fenwick English
  • Aletha M. Harven
  • John M. Heffron
  • David John Matheson
  • Marta Sánchez