School Leadership for Refugees’ Education Language: English By: Arar, K. Publication Date: 2020

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School Leadership for Refugees’ Education examines how educational leaders shape and lead different practices to meet refugee students’ educational needs, while also considering issues of equity and social justice. It presents cutting-edge theoretical understanding and rich first-hand research findings, which point out the local idiosyncrasies and cross-national themes involved in leading welcoming schools for newcomers. The book provides a global analysis of policy guidelines and up-to-date research findings concerning refugee education. Vast populations have been forced to leave their homelands in recent years due to war, political conflict and economic collapse. The countries that provide sanctuary need to ensure quality education that will allow these destitute but hopeful children to build a new future. Through this book a comprehensive model is presented to guide culturally relevant educational leadership to welcome newcomers in their schools and society. The book forwarded by: Prof. Ira Bogotch, Florida Atlantic University Endorsed by the following prominent scholars:
  • Prof. Tony Bush, Editor Educational Management, Administration & Leadership, University of Nottingham, UK.
  • Prof. Jane Wilkinson, Editor Journal of Education Administration and History, Monash University, Australia
  • Prof. Allan Walker, The Education University, Hong Kong.
  • Prof. Selahattin Turan, Bursa Uludag University, Turkey.
  • Prof. Betty Merchant, The University of Texas at San Antonio
Neoliberalism And Education Systems In Conflict: Exploring Challenges Across The… Language: English By: Arar, K., Orucu, D., & Wilkinson, J. Publication Date: 2020
Neoliberalism and Education Systems in Conflict: Exploring Challenges Across the Globe explores how neoliberal values are imprinted onto educational spaces and practices, and by consequence, fundamentally reshape how we come to understand the educational experience at the school or system-level. Countries across the globe struggle with the residual effects of increased accountability, choice/voucher systems, and privatization. The first section of the book discusses the direct imprint of neoliberal policies on educational spaces. The next section examines the more indirect outcomes of neoliberalism, including the challenges of inequity, access, violence, racism and social justice issues as a result of neoliberal ideologies. Each section of the book includes case studies about education systems across the globe, including Britain, Middle East, Turkey, United States, China, and Chile written by international contributors. Neoliberalism and Education Systems in Conflict is essential reading for educators, scholars and faculty of educational leadership and policy globally. Forwarded by: Prof. Bob Lingard
Handbook On Promoting Social Justice In Education Language: English By: Papa, R. (Section Editor: Arar, K) Publication Date: 2020
The Handbook on Promoting Social Justice in Education explores social justice elements across the global human continuum in the field of education and offers the skills and ways of thinking to achieve a more equitable, caring and fair world. Education is not the sole or even the primary answer to social justice as this would assume educators have control over the complexity of one’s nation/states and multi or transnational organizations, and especially the diversity by context of family life. What education does offer are the skills and ways of thinking to achieve a more equitable, caring, and fair world in pursuit of achieving the ends of social justice. The handbook will look at three major themes―Political Inequality, Educational Economic Inequality, and Cultural Inequality. Editorial Board
  • Khalid Arar
  • Kadir Beycioglu
  • Fenwick English
  • Aletha M. Harven
  • John M. Heffron
  • David John Matheson
  • Marta Sánchez
Emotion Management And Regulation In Teaching And Educational Leadership: Research… Language: English By: Oplatka, I., & Arar, K. Publication Date: 2019
ast research has identified a wide variety of emotions and emotional engagements among school leaders and teachers including passion, excitement and satisfaction. However, the literature often centers on negative emotions of school leaders, such as fear of failure, anxiety and disillusionment with the system.Thus far, most research on this issue has focused almost entirely on western educational systems. This book departs from that and highlights the connection between culture and emotion management in these settings, and allows researchers from different parts of the world to demonstrate how national and local culture influence the way educational leaders and teachers express their feelings, display their emotion, or suppress emotion in public. Emotion Management in Teaching and Education Leadership allows teachers and educational leaders from both traditional and marginalized societies to tell their own stories of feelings, emotion management, and emotion regulation at work. By expanding our knowledge beyond the cultural boundaries of Anglo-American nations and evoking new considerations in the research on emotion in organizations, this book will prove invaluable for researchers and school leaders.
Turbulence In Six International Education Governance-Systems Language: English By: Taysum, A., & Arar, K. Publication Date: 2019
This book investigates how governance at different levels can improve access to education for excluded communities. It conceptualises turbulence, empowerment, and marginalisation in international educational governance systems, and presents a comparative analysis of five nation states (England, Arabs in Israel, Northern Ireland, Trinidad and Tobago, and the United States). From these carefully-selected case studies, readers are shown how Senior Level Leaders describe turbulence in their systems – and how they articulate both the kind of support they want, and the support they actually get at the infrastructural, resources and agency level. It shows how the Senior Leaders hope to put their track records in school improvement into action in order to mobilise school communities for Empowering Young Societal Innovators for Equity and Renewal. Based on research that is world leading in terms of originality, significance, and rigour, Turbulence, Empowerment and Marginalisation in International Education Governance Systems is both a comprehensive investigation of the question of how systems empower key agents of change in school communities, and a practical guide to how these communities can become societal innovators for equity, peace and renewal. Forwarded by Prof. David Gross- Harvard University.
Migrants, Refugees And Global Challenges In Higher Education Language: English By: Arar, K., Kussai-Hej-Yehia; Roose, D., & Kondakci, Y. Publication Date: 2019
Higher Education Challenges for Migrant and Refugee Students in a Global World informs readers of theory, policy and practice of refugee and migrant equitable access to higher education, especially indicating how policy makers, educational leaders and practitioners can support refugees, asylum seekers, and other migrants’ inclusion in higher education institutions in the global world. The chapters composing each section of this book constitute a compilation of research addressing experience relating to the overwhelming flow of refugee and asylum seekers in various higher education systems. There are 41 contributors located in 12 countries (Austria, Canada, Czechia, Germany, Holland, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Palestine, Turkey and the United States) who deal with the topics of refugees and immigrants in higher education in different world regions, including Africa, the Middle East, Europe and North America.
  • Forwarded by: Prof. Hans de Wit – Boston College of Education, USA
  • Endorsed by: Prof. Michael Apple – University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
  • Prof. Rachel Brooks – University of Surrey, UK
  • Prof. Johanna Waters – Oxford University
  • Prof. Hasan Simsek – Istanbul Kultur University, Turkey
Education, Immigration And Migration: Policy, Leadership And Praxis For Changing… Language: English By: Arar, K., Brooks, J., & Bogotch, I. Publication Date: 2019
Global Migration has changed the practice of educational leaders, policy makers, students, teachers and community members. This book traces this worldwide shift through research-based chapters that touch on both local idiosyncrasies and dynamics common across many contexts. Education, Immigration and Migration identifies issues educational leaders face as they seek to lead schools and school systems experiencing immigration and better understand their current strategies for improvement. The chapters shed light on the poorly understood relationship between educational leadership and refugee populations by giving a deeper appreciation of the scope and nature of issues at local, national and transnational levels. Each chapter offers new ways in which practitioners, policy-makers and scholars can think about complex dilemmas such as the implementation of equitable and democratic values, and difficulties involved in adapting organization and culture. Given its cross-national interdisciplinary approach, this book will prove invaluable for educational leaders, scholars and policymakers alike.
Higher Education and the Palestinian minority in Israel Language: English By: Arar, K., & Haj-Yehia, K. Publication Date: 2016
Higher Education and the Palestinian Minority in Israel examines perceptions concerning the characteristics of higher education acquisition in the indigenous Palestinian Arab minority in Israel. Arar and Haj-Yehia show that Palestinian Arabs in Israel clearly understand the benefit of an academic degree as a lever for social status and integration within the state of Israel. The authors discuss difficulties met by Palestinian high school graduates when they attempt to enter Israel’s higher education institutes, and the alternative phenomenon of studying abroad. The cultural difference between Palestinian traditional communities and ‘Western’ Israeli campuses exposes Arab students to a mix of ethnicities and nationalities, which proves to be a difficult, transformative experience. The book analyzes patterns of higher education acquisition among the indigenous Palestinian minority, describing the disciplines they choose, the challenges they encounter, particularly for Palestinian women students, and explore the implications for the Palestinian minority and Israeli society. Endorsed by the following prominent scholars:
  • Prof. Jeroen Huisman, Editor of Higher Education Policy, Ghent University
  • Prof. Rachel Brooks, Professor and Head of Sociology, University of Surrey, UK, Editor of British Journal of Sociology of Education
  • Prof. Mahsood Shah, Professor of Higher Education, The University of Newcastle Australia and editor, International Studies in Widening Participation
Arab Women into Leadership and Management Language: English By: Arar, K; Shapira, T; Azaize, F., & Hertz-Lazarowitz, R. Publication Date: 2013
An exploration of the life-stories of 22 pioneer Arab women who have forged their path to management and leadership in education and welfare, overcoming challenges imposed by a patriarchal society that sees female leadership as a threat.
Arab Education in Israel Language: Arabic By: Haj-Yehia, K., & Arar, K. Publication Date: 2016
Internationalization of Higher Education: A Study in the Mobility of… Language: Arabic By: Haj-Yehia,K., & Arar, K. Publication Date: 2014
The Life and Concepts of the Palestinian Educationalist Dr. Sami… Language: Arabic By: Arar, K. Publication Date: 2010
Higher Education among Israeli Arabs in the State of Jordan:… Language: Arabic By: Haj-Yehia, K., & Arar, K Publication Date: 2007
Educational Leadership: Between the Vision and the Change Language: Arabic By: Arar, K. Publication Date: 2007
Life stories of female Arab managers in Israel: A social,… Language: Hebrew By: Shapira T. & Arar K. Publication Date: 2015
Identity, Narrative And Multiculturalism In Arab Education In Israel. Haifa:… Language: Hebrew By: Arar, K., & Kenan, I. Publication Date: 2015
“Jordonization” of higher education among Arabs in Israel Language: Hebrew By: Arar, K., & Haj – Yahya, K. Publication Date: 2011
Arab Academics And Higher Education In Israel: Issues And Dilemmas Language: Hebrew By: Arar K., & Haj-Yehia, K. Publication Date: 2007